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Our Service

We provide purely relevant interior design, consultations & coordination work as per request, catering for individual needs and lifestyles.

A progressive, design-led company creating modern and contemporary furniture where choice is never a limitation and the result speaks for itself.

We cover the whole progress of the project from the design process until the installation to ensure a unique, long-lasting living space.

We can design and build all types of custom furniture for your home or business space. We work with homeowners & architects. A custom-designed piece can truly do wonders for your space. Our designers will listen to your needs and integrate them with practical design considerations to give you a unique piece that will meet your needs.

Our Design & Passion

Passionate about creating highly contemporary appearance & big solutions. Faced with a lack of space even more ingenuity must be used then only brilliant ideas are conceived.

Modern arises from a pure geometric shape: the square. And from a simple idea: it’s movement in the space. A module repeating itself to generate objects different in materials, colours and functional purposes.

The value of things lies in the small details and your kitchen is a good proof of this. In spite of having limited, we can offer you solutions which help you to exploit every available centimeter to the full.

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Our works flow

Initial contact / Understand the various needs of the owner, living environment, special preferences, project budget, schedule arrangements... etc.       

On-site measurement / From the designer to the site to communicate with the owner of the requirements, and measure the site, take pictures and archives as a reference for the design. (One-time fee, will advise on location range.)


Layout planning & design / Obtain the necessary approval for the preliminary plan and establish the outline of the design.


Consultation / Sign a design contract and make necessary amendments based on the design draft. Simultaneously discuss with the homeowner during the period. ( Fee will advise on design range.)


Project Quotation / After confirming the design drawings and the materials used for the project selection, a "complete project quotation" is submitted.


Renovation contract / Sign the project renovation contract to enter the project phase.


Site Rolling / Start working on-site according to the plan & schedule.


Completed and handed over / Accepts by the owner and delivers with the completed house.

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Hunza Tower Gurney Paragon,

Suite 163E, Level 16,

Jalan Kelawei, Georgetown,10250 Penang,



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