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The Equalee is a versatile system that offers unprecedented freedom
of design. Conceived for the contemporary kitchen,
it also extends to the island unit, where suspended shelves are reinterpreted as standalone elements
or in combination with it.

Minterior Design Kitchen -0006 copy.JPG
Minterior design Kitchen -0004 copy.JPG
Minterior design Kitchen -0003 copy.JPG
Minterior design Kitchen -0001 copy.jpg
Minterior design Kitchen -0002 copy.JPG


The structure of the organizes the arrangement of the

shelves to take full advantage of the ability to store. It can provide more space & become more accommodating. 

as a module among modules, the continuity of a wall that stretches from one side to the other of the interior. the

point of passage, open to shelving, in all the space it stores.”

To complete the system, a collection of cabinet to be

freely configured – choosing between open compartments,

showcases, drawers, hinged or swing doors. The versatility of

the system is also expressed through the variety of finishes,

to customize down to the individual component.

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