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now & then

Contemporary Condominium

The Era Duta North

The open-mindedness of the creation opens the way towards a new solution, contemporary design it appears in our mind & design. The wooden stripe wall feature contains, transforms, speaks. A boundary element becomes an instrument of communication.

The Spatial Minimalism

bungalow house

The house arrangement can be understood as two volumes, all the strategic and connection - with their inherent flexibility for large or small groups, the house displays many of the characteristics way, clear, uncluttered forms & simplicity.

Minimalist Condominium

bangsar park hill​

The design was to make it timeless and without unnecessary decorative elements, where the main accessories of the apartment are: form, texture, and reflection. We introduce the light-filled space where eternal white walls and warm wooden + dark floor, furniture elements - serve the client to seclude the tiresome city. Taking into account the home lifestyle today.

Heritage Residence 

volume II

In collaboration with history architect heritage double stories link house, to impressed by the outlook of the design blend. The 2nd-floor bedroom design we discreet but determined function of the uprights: they subdivide, but aesthetically appear as a single structure.

Heritage Residence

In collaboration with history architect heritage double stories link house, to impressed by the outlook of the design blend. prefabricated open concept from the living hall to the foyer to dining will make the designs ambient come to one.

volume I

The inner suburban house

link terrace

It has always been interesting for us to collaborate with other creative disciplines on old buildings and structures. However, it is important for us to remind ourselves of the minimalism discipline & concept.

The Nords

bungalow house

To make building & architect space through which people's daily experiences are improved & significant ways; to use the resource effectively; to work with people who share our value. 


The Keysigh Technologies

volume II

The production building & office for Keysight technologies sit side by side, connected by a glazed passage. Color scheme curvy shape will give a sense of aesthetic continuity and coherence across their envelopes.

Kobe Precision Technologies

Product display makes its way to reality, was conceived as a field of prototype and parametric display design information backdrobe, its lead to responding & social condition & resulting differentiation contributed to the distinctive character of the individual programmatic intensities within an open space.